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Akino Souma (相馬 秋乃 Souma Akino?) is a rabbit living spirit in the Seishuku Temple. She first appeared in the tenth volume.

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Akino has brownish orange twintails and purple eyes, she occasionally wears glasses with red frame and has rabbit ears.


Akino is very timid, always cautious, soft-spoken, and didn't voice her opinion. She is shy and didn't have much confidence in herself, and hence her self-esteem seemed to have unconsciously become low.

She is what you can call- loyal. Because she developed friendship with Natsume, she'd do things just to protect the latter.

Akino disliked her ears because of how they drew away others from being friends with her.


She was under the temple's care, because her family was ashamed to have a rabbit living spirit among them. She didn't remember her short time with her family.

It is later revealed that she is from the Souma Clan.



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Even though she grew up in Seishuku Temple, she never recieved any training as a practitioner.

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Akino is a living spirit, she didn't have strong spiritual magic but her abilities as a rabbit living spirit gave her a frightening speed while running, she is fast enough to even leave afterimages of herself while she's running at full speed. It is later revealed that she is a shikigami called 'Full Moon' that was paired up with the Raven's Wing.

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They are good friends.

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His shikigami.

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  • Nomenclature
    • (Family name to be added later)
    • Akino (秋乃) means "autumn field"
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