Byakuran Kadei is one of the 12 Divine Generals. She is the older twin sister of Kurogiku Kadei.

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A beautiful young lady with pale hair containing a chrysanthemum and white eyes. She wears a black suit with a white frilly blouse.

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Byakuran has a childish and carefree personality. She and her sister are fond of Miyoshi wanting him to come back to the Spirit Sensing Division and discussed bringing him along for a vacation.

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Her family 'Kadei' came from the Kadenokoujike clan. Which was made by Abe no Seimei's teachers, Kamo no Tadayuki and Kamo Yasunori.

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Both sisters have spirit-sensing abilities that surpasses most normal onmyouji, and can be better than Miyoshi if they sync up their powers.

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They are siblings.

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