A charm or talisman are the main methods used by practitioners of Onmyodo to cast their spells or power their shikigami.

Appearance Edit

Often these appear as slips of paper, either white, yellow, or black, dressed with symbols and stamps impressed with ink or blood.

Uses Edit

  • As a medium to cast spells, the use depends upon the talisman in question:
    • Healing Charms: Often used to treat injuries or illnesses caused by Spiritual Disasters.
    • Protective Charms: Used to create barriers and protective fields.
    • Wood Charms: Used for wood-element spells, such as creating a net of thorns.
    • Water Charms: Used for water-element spells, such as a creating a wave of water or blanket of fog.
    • Earth Charms: Used for earth-element spells, such as creating a pillar of earth.
    • Fire Charms: Used for fire-element spells, such as creating a ball of fire.
    • Metal Charms: Used for metal-element spells, such as creating a sword.
  • They also act as the 'core' of man-made shikigami.
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