Chihiro Mutobe (六人部 千尋 Mutobe Chihiro) was the right-hand man of Shidou Dairenji who also worked for the Lingering Spirit Division while being a member of the Twin Horn Syndicate.

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Dark brown hair that extends down to his shoulder and golden eyes, he wears a tanned coat.

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Chihiro speaks rarely and softly when he does, a calm person who doesn't seem to like violence and apologizes for his actions.


Two years after the first spiritual terrorism, he tried to conduct a catastrophic event on the same scale with the assistance of Douman. Before getting into custody by Zenjirou Kogure, he died due to a death curse spell which he placed on himself prior to incident.

He was revived as a familiar of Takiko Souma and is called Kumomaru now.

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Chihiro is a powerful magic-user, capable for creating Level 4 Spiritual Disasters on his own, as well as fighting one of the Twelve Divine Generals to a standstill. After becoming a Shikigami, his strength increased and he gained the ability to fly and dematerialize.

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