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Daizen Amami (天海 大善 Amami Daizen?) is the former chief of the Magic Investigation Division of the Onmyo Agency and also one of the Twelve Divine Generals nicknamed "The Divine Fan".



Amami is shown to be an older man with longer gray hair slicked back and wrinkles around his mouth and cheek bones. He has a medium length goatee and long eyebrows which are not groomed. He wears a dark green suit with a small gold collar device on the left collar. Under the green suit, is a white dress shirt which he wears buttoned up without a tie.


Amami is often laid-back, only getting serious when the situation demands it. He is also somewhat of a pervert as shown when he requested a Trick Spider, a man-made familiar, from Tenma's late parents, saying that he would use it to "peek at ladies." Beneath his laid-back personality, he is a capable Divine General, as shown in his match with the Magical Investigator Atsune Hirata, who was later found out to be Takiko Souma.


He was the senior of Jin Ohtomo when he worked in the Magic Investigation Division of the Onmyo Agency. He's longtime friend to Miyo Kurahashi and often addresses her as "Miyo-chan".


cHImAirA DanCE Arc[]

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Black Shaman ASSAULT Arc[]

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to The DarkSky Arc[]

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Amami came close to discovering the Twin Horn Syndicate's true leader and who was responsible for the spiritual disasters. Genji, in fear of the many curses that a practitioner of Amami's level could unleash upon his death, did not kill Amami, instead he sealed his magical power, cut off the tendons of his fingers and burned his throat to prevent him from making seals and chanting incantations. Amami, unable to use magic, could still use two Trick Spider shikigami and used it to help Harutora and Tenma escape. One Trick Spider was destroyed during the escape. Douman's shikigami managed to carry the body of Amami out of the Onmyou Agency's basement.

change:unchange Arc[]

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It is revealed that Amami, through his remaining trick spider coupled with Miyo Kurahashi's magic, explained to Tenma, Touji, Suzuka and Kyouko the situation; that Genji Kurahashi and Takiko Souma were the ones who were manipulating the Twin Horn Syndicate from the shadows and used its name to cause spiritual disasters in Tokyo. Amami speculates that Genji wants to continue Yakou's legacy which would lead to something certainly taboo. Amami also told Suzuka that her 'resurrected' 'father' was working for the Souma Princess. Amami however is very weak, at one point losing consciousness by straining himself to speak through the remaining trick spider. It is later revealed that Amami told Tenma to 'do what he wants' but 'make the decision for yourself, knowing that you could drag others in.' Amami also told Miyo to expect living the life of a hermit to avoid Genji's suspicion.

Genji sealed Amami's magic, scarring him with an 'X' on his forehead. The seal prevents Amami from using first-class magic and reinforcing a shikigami (outside the trick spider). Miyo lended Amami a Kurahashi family shikigami to tend/care for Amami. However Touji offered to accompany Amami, acting as a battery for the shikigami since Amami would not be able to, in exchange for training, a proposal that Amami agreed with. A year after the Raven's Coat incident, Touji is still with Amami trying to make contact with Shadow. Amami is confined to a wheelchair and speaking through his trick spider but still wears his characteristic suit and snaps his characteristic fan.

To uphold his end of the bargain: to train Touji, Amami made an arrangement with Reiji. As both Reiji and Amami were trying to track down Shadow and Harutora, albeit the former wanted to challenge them, Amami agreed to rely information to Reiji in exchange for training Touji. Amami agreed to Reiji's one amendment: that if Touji lost control of his oni, that it would be Reiji who would consume him.

Powers and Abilities[]




He excells at Kotodama (Spirit Language) and Illusion magic. Using his paper fan he's able to cast his magic.



Kingi and Ginji


Emperor: He commands two high class man-made familiars called Kinji and Ginji.

Trick Spider:



  • His favorite food is Soba and Tempura.[1]