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Douman Ashiya (蘆屋 道満 Ashiya Douman?) is one of the most powerful onmyouji from Abe no Seimei's era who first served as an antagonist and later on a supporting character. He was the rival of Abe no Seimei and fought him nearly a thousand years ago.



At first, he appears as an old man with circle rimmed glasses, but later possesses the body of a small child with oversized glasses. Noticeable similarity to recognize the High Priest is his red glasses.

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Douman is a rather eccentric old man, who seeks the mysteries of the arcane more than anything else. He seems to have an honor code of sorts, conceding defeat when outmaneuvered and praising talent when it is showed. He keeps his word if given, and does not stray on it.


He has shown interest in Yakou's reincarnation and seems to have connection with Twin Horn Syndicate and Kakugyouki, although he makes it clear that he's doing those things for his shikigami (though they claim to merely be followers).

At some point in the past he fought with Jin Ohtomo which resulted in Jin losing his leg to get away.

In accordance to the wishes of one of his followers, he attacked both the Onmyo Academy and Onmyo Agency in order to retrieve the Raven's Wing, where upon Jin challenged him to a magical duel and then proceeded to utilize cunning and old magic to defeat him with the aid of Zenjirou. However, his current body was destroyed by Takiko Souma disguised as Atsune Hirata using a bomb in an attempt to silence him, only to be resurrected by Suzu Saotome.

As he had conceded defeat, since he should have been purified in the end and only survived by chance, he answered Jin's questions and later agreed to become his familiar.


Powers and Abilities[]

Spiritual Disaster[]

Douman is a mitama, or rather a mobile spiritual disaster that inhabits a body. In the past he was a Phase 5 Oni (Ogre/demon) of the 5 Phases of Spiritual Disaster Phenomenon, but he forced himself to stay as a Phase 3 because if he did become Phase 5, he would cease being 'Ashiya Douman'. He can even turn his shikigami into Phase 4 spiritual disasters.


Douman, being an ancient magic-user, is familiar with a number of magical arts stemming from over a thousand years ago. To this end he knows several barriers and other spells unknown to most modern day magic-users. He could turn his cane into a number of spears and then turn them into snakes, and create a black wind infused with metal aura to cut down his enemies.





Fake Tsuchigumo: Though its strength is weaker compared to the original because of the lack of metal vessel, it can be summoned in great numbers using less spiritual power.

Gozu and Mezu: Douman's two faithful defensive shikigamis serving him in the novels. They are Phase-3 mobile disasters, 'Type-Ogres'.