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The Eight Item Bamboo Basket Curse is an ancient curse that predates all modern magic, stemming from Eight-Holed Soul-Locking Cage magic that comes from a Shinto Ritual, rediscovered by Jin Ohtomo and improved upon to its current state. It is a curse that contains an enemy in a barrier and then flood it with a fearsome yin aura that burns like a hot wind. Trapped inside of it, it would curse, burn, and tear the object sealed in the cage like a scorching hell.

To prepare it, the user scatters shredded charms into the air to act as the points of the cage. To do so stealthily, one may invoke stealth magic on the charms. The user them pulls out the prepared items, a bamboo cage made of green bamboo leaves containing a bundle of rocks and salt. Sprinkling the salt over the cage, the recite the incantation to activate the shredded charms and cast light between them to form the initial barrier.

The only ways to escape are to destroy the tools used, which you can't do from the inside, or overpower it as Douman did during their duel. Avoiding it is as simple as staying out of the way of the charms used to make up the barrier's perimeter or have a shikigami intercept it.

Incantation: "By the green of these bamboo leaves, with their withering, the withering of the green! And with the ebb and flow of these tides, ebb and flow! And with the sinking of these rocks, be engulfed!"