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An unnamed Yakou fanatic who was also a Mystical Investigator, Douman led him to think he was Hishamaru's reincarnation and presented him with a fake 'Kakugyouki' which was in fact a manmade shikigami. In Episode 5, he reveals himself and try to awake Yakou with Natsume. He tried to kill Harutora because he thought that he was unworthy for the North Star King (Yakou). He ultimately ends up captured by Jin Ohtomo and reveals that many Yakou Fanatics are inside the Onmyo Agency.




On the outside, he seems like a typical normal and friendly person who would take his time to pick Natsume up for her special lessons. This is all just a mere facade for his true nature, which is that of a fanaticial, sadistic, and cold-hearted person with false beliefs of being the true Hishamaru. He also expresses delusional overconfindence in his abilities. But a true cowardly side would emerge if the tables have ever been turned against him, such as when his shikigami been destroyed or it's on the run from Ohtomo Jin and the Onmyo Agency.


Nothing much is known about this character, except for the facts that stem from his personality and affilitations.


He served as a Mystical Investigator and as a personal instructor from a special course Natsume was taking at the time. All of that, though, was just to get close to her as it was        believed that she (known as a boy) was the reincarnation of Yakou Tsuchimikado and members within the Syndicate worship him like a god. A few days after Harutora and Touji's entries into the Academy, he picked up a talisman in an unknown apartment at the dead of night and made a few preparations for his strike to come. The next day, he set down a vase-shaped basket in the arena, containing a fake Kakugyouki, and thus, the aassult has began. While Harutora and Natsume were walking up some stairs, the man alongside his shikigami kidnapped her and set a powerful barrier to keep the others from initiating a rescue. However, this woud have succeeded, have not been for the recieval of Harutora's new K'rik and the assistance of his friends' magic. There, a conservation rocked onbetween Natsume, who has been subdued, and a certain fool who has claimed to be her Hishamaru, a legendary familiar who served Yakou in the past. But as Hautora and comp. broke into the arena, he just merely took out his talisman and summoned "Kakugyouki", who is based on another legendary familiar of Yakou's. A battle between both groups began. Difficulty in taking down the giant was ground floor for the students as attacks barely left a scratch on him annd this guy ordered heavy kicks on to the group. This has been thrown out the window, for when Harutora saved and freed Natsume, who then released Hokuto onto the oni. With this advantage, Harutora managed to get a shot as "Kakugyouki's" mask and spear right into it, breaking it. Its face has been revealed to hold the core capable of defeating it. He then shoots the K'rik like a javelin and shatters the core completely, destorying the fake monster. With his plans having been thwarted, he turns chicken and flees the scene. Later, he was shown to captured by Ohtomo Jin. It was then stated between by Jin and the principal, Miyo Kurahashi, to be part of a plan to decieve him of the school not being aware of his activities and prowl the halls freely in order to get what he desired.

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  • This is the first Yakou Fanatic to appear in the series.