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Harutora Tsuchimikado (土御門 春虎 Tsuchimikado Harutora?) is the son of Yasuzumi Tsuchimikado, and the rightful heir to the Tsuchimikado main family and Yakou Tsuchimikado's reincarnation. Yasuzumi believed it was better for his son's well-being to be raised in the branch family, leading to him being adopted by Takahiro and Chizuru Tsuchimikado when he was still a baby. To ensure a stable life in the branch family, Yasuzumi seals Harutora's aura and abilities (e.g. Spirit Sight). When Harutora becomes Natsume's shikigami, the used contract partially unseals Harutora's aura and he regains his ability of Spirit Sight. Although they themselves think it is the contract that gave him Spirit Sight.



Harutora in male's uniform.

Harutora is a young man with spiky, light blonde hair that slowly darkens downwards. He has black tips on his hair on both sides of his face, and he has purple-colored eyes. As Natsume's shikigami, he has a blood red-colored star-shaped magic circle under his left eye. He wears the uniform of Onmyou Academy, he leaves the top part of his jacket opened revealing a simple yellow shirt. While his shoes are black and white and not the brown shoes that is typically of Onmyou Prep students.

The blood red-colored star-shaped magic circle under his left eye disappeared after Natsume lifted all the seals on Harutora's aura. The seals interfered with Harutora's binding with the Raven's Wing.

During the fight with Reiji Kagami, Harutora's left eye gets slashed by Kagami wielding Higekiri. Kakugyouki gives Harutora his left sleeve to wrap around the wounded eye. Later he wore a black eyepatch to cover his left eye.


Harutora is relatively kind to everyone he meets, trying to keep up with a friendly attitude with his classmates and teachers. This quality draws people toward him, in which they become very close or have feelings for him. Nevertheless, he is rather obstinate at times, when regarding his own personal beliefs, as seen when he wanted to remain a normal guy, contrary to the desires of both Hokuto and Natsume.

A major prominent trait of Harutora is his obliviousness, in which he fails to perceive the feelings some girls have for him, but he said that he probably loved Hokuto without even realizing it. He can also be shown blushing in front of her more often in earlier episodes, showing a mellow sign of affection. Suzuka in an episode has recognized their affections of each other. As being partners with Nastume, Harutora gives off an admiration vibe towards her; showing a strong bond made from their past.

You can often see Harutora's liking for tigers. His favorite jacket has a picture of a tiger on its back, and one of his decorative lucky cats is 'tiger'. Maybe this tiger affection comes from his name, where the part 'tora' means tiger.

After his awakening as Yakou Tsuchimikado, his personality goes through an immense change. From the way he talks, it seems the merging of their two personas is in equilibrium. At times, his personalities seem to be Harutora-dominant and still cares for Natsume and the others. However, his Yakou side is dominant too. It is shown that he has nostalgic memories of his past life, he regrets his past actions, and even cries for his now very old or dead compatriots.

What's evident is that he is more mature, intelligent, and patient than his life as a non-spirit seer, i.e. before himself awakening as Yakou. He seems to be able to anticipate other's reactions, plan attack/traps, and is able to psychologically argue his points and reasons, even going far as mentally hurting his objectors.


At first he and everybody else thought that he was a son of the Tsuchimikado branch family, who wasn't a spirit seer. Harutora's 'father' is a great onmyo doctor, who was the one to treat Touji's ogre problems.

Harutora wanted to be just a normal guy with a normal life with his friends, because he thought of himself as a failure. His two best friends Touji and Hokuto told him that they want him to go to the Onmyo Academy. Hokuto's death was the reason for him to go to Onmyo Academy. because he wanted to know the one who controlled Hokuto that he knew.



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Harutora meets with Touji and Hokuto, and makes plans to attend a festival. Later, Harutora runs into Natsume Tsuchimikado, and has a brief argument with her before departing. At the festival, Harutora and Hokuto play together, but Harutora is upset by Hokuto's wish for Harutora to be an onmyo. He then runs into Suzuka Dairenji and her familiars, who confronts him, kisses him, then leaves. ...


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Chimaira Dance Arc[]

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Girl return & days in nest I Arc[]

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Begins/Temple Arc[]

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Sword of Songs[]

Harutora first appeared when Akito talking with the Kinobe twins in the boys' dormitory, the two recognized each other.

Powers and Abilities[]


In the beginning of the series, Harutora is not very knowledgeable about the Onmyoudo magic like Common-Style and Imperial-Style, and due to the fact that his power is sealed by his birth father Yasuzumi. As the series progresses, his knowledge in Onmyoudo increases significantly, and his awakening as Yakou further bolsters his knowledge in Onmyodou. It is assumed that along with Common-Style onmyodou, he knows all the Imperial-Style magic, since Yakou created the magic system.


Before the series his powers were sealed by his birth father Yasuzumi. Therefore, he was unable to use the magic efficiently. However, after his awakening as Yakou, his knowledge in magic and power increases dramatically to the point, he effortlessly brought down the entire Seishuku temple without breaking a sweat. Another good example is when after Natsume's death, he began conducting several surgical-styled procedures on her body that he had come to known from his past life.



Peach Bow: During the final confrontation with Suzuka Dairenji, the Peach Bow was among the many tools Harutora carried alongside him to the fight.

Protection Sword: This sword was utilized against Tsuchigumo during the battle at the Tsuchimkado mountain shrine. Natsume later invoked the chant into it, allowing Harutora to use its flames, albeit with very little to no control.

K'rik: Harutora wields a K'rik, a staff with religious rings and symbols on it. Jin Ohtomo had Tenma Momoe give it to him in Episode 05. It has been magically enhanced by Ohtomo, though the full extent of its power is unknown. Harutora can use it as a defensive weapon, creating a barrier around himself and others if needed, and he can also use it for offense, using it to attack a Phase 3 Nue. He can also use it to channel magical power, such as Touji Ato's ogre power. During the fight with Shaver in the Meguro Exorcist Bureau Branch Office, the K'rik got slashed in two.

Raven's Wing: The coat that was worn by Yakou Tsuchimikado, which reveals that Harutora is Yakou reincarnated. It originally takes the form of a three-legged raven that flies to its master. Once worn, Harutora gains Yakou's memories.


Hishamaru - Kon

Kon is a fox-spirit that, according to Takahiro, had served the Tsuchimikado family for generations, this story turns out to be false when Kon returns to her original form of Hishamaru. Kon is first used by Harutora during his first days at Onmyo Academy. She has displayed that she has a crush on Harutora several different times, often getting Harutora in trouble with Natsume Tsuchimikado. Kon's abilities are foxfire, invisibility and she wields a shortsword called Kachiwari.

Hishamaru is one of the legendary familiars that belongs to Yakou Tsuchimikado. When Yakou died Hishamaru vowed to wait until her master's rebirth, so she could continue serving him. When Harutora was born she immediately went to his side, but Yasuzumi only allowed her to be at his son's side if she sealed her powers and memories until Harutora himself was ready to awaken to his fate of being Yakou. After forcibly breaking several of the five seals on herself, Hishamaru lost a part of her memories of her time with Yakou in the past, of when she was sealed and when she was Kon. Breaking the seals also made her existence unstable and she's almost at her limit, ceasing to exist and disappear forever.


Kakugyouki is one of the legendary familiars previously belonging to Yakou Tsuchimikado. Kakugyoki was thought to have died during World War II, but he was very much alive. He simply wandered around, waiting until Yakou's reincarnation came. Before Harutora received the Raven's Wing, Kakugyouki helped Harutora with some simple advice, such as when Harutora was searching for Touji Ato.

Akino Souma

She carries the Full Moon, the counterpart of the Raven's Wing, inside of her. This makes her a possession of Harutora who is able to take control over her body and speak through her.

Raven's Wing

Raven's Wing is one of the Harutora's familiars that usually takes the form of the coat that can shoot out raven feathers and protect its master. While not being worn, it takes the form three legged divine crow known as Yatagarasu. It is able to attack by producing feathers of raven towards its opponents that either explodes upon contact, or it could pierce through the enemies' body.


It is a Shikigami built for war by Yakou, and it is also known as the 'Armored Juggernaut'. Harutora stole the Tsuchigumos from Onmyo Agency, and used it during the event of Seifuku temple. Harutora claimed that he was taking what belonged to him, since he made the Tsuchigumos as Yakou.


Natsume Tsuchimikado[]

Harutora's childhood friend. He admitted that he had feelings for Hokuto, who was actually a shikigami controlled by Natsume. It was implied by the end of the anime that the feelings that he has for Natsume are mutual.


She was Harutora's best friend (along with Touji) who he couldn't protect. It is later revealed that she is the remote-controlled shikigami of Natsume. She was in love with Harutora, possibly due to Natsume having feelings for the latter (the feelings she had for him were mutual).

Touji Ato[]

Touji is Harutora's best friend since childhood. Harutora first met Touji when Touji was hospitalized by Harutora's father in their house. Touji had at one point gone berserk and ended up punching him, all the while Harutora didn't respond, they soon managed to slowly become friends because Harutora would not leave Touji to suffer alone.

In the countryside, prior to the beginning of the story, the two of them often talked and walked together, later along with Hokuto. Touji likes to make fun of Harutora and Hokuto by implying them being together.

Kyouko Kurahashi[]

He had made a promise with her when there where young, that he will help her find her ribbon. She mistakenly thinks that Harutora was Natsume until the confusion was cleared up. She seemed to harbor feelings for Natsume, believing "him" to be the boy she made a promise with in the past.

Tenma Momoe[]

Tenma's parents are known for making artificial shikigamis. On the later episodes, Suzu Saotome told Tenma that he is the key to release the Raven Coat. Tenma, unlike Touji, Suzuka and Kyouko, is not known by the agency due to his low profile. Suzu realized Tenma's advantage so she asked him to do this mission.

Suzuka Dairenji[]

The first antagonist he meets, he sympathizes with her for the most part and later becomes her friend while she harbors a crush on him.

Jin Ohtomo[]

Jin is known as the Divine General "Shadow". The principal, Kyouko's grandmother as a favour, asked him to be Natsume's homeroom teacher.

Suzu Saotome[]

Suzu seems to have no particularly close relationship to him. However, she is fond of Kon and had done extensive research into his past as Yakou.

Takahiro Tsuchimikado[]

Harutora's adoptive father.

Chizuru Tsuchimikado[]

Harutora's adoptive mother.

Takiko Souma[]

Takiko admired and felt close to Yakou, so when she learned that Harutora was his reincarnation she tried to free him, leading to Natsume's death. She does regret that it came to that, but after awakening he does not feel anyway, whether angry or not, towards her.


Light Novel[]

Light Novel - Side Stories[]




  • Nomenclature
    • Tsuchimikado (土御門) translates as "earth emperor".
    • Harutora (春虎) means "spring tiger".
  • Harutora is also known as 'the Red Score King' for his failing student reputation.
  • His father (adoptive father) is a Shamanic Doctor.
  • He is the real son of Yasuzumi Tsuchimikado.
  • Harutora appears to have 'bad luck' which he considers an ancient curse passed down from his ancestors.
  • He is really weak in his studies and is usually tutored by Natsume to avoid being held back a year.
    • In the 7th volume of Light Novel, after Jin Ohtomo and Douman Ashiya's battle in the Onmyo Academy during the 6th volume, he practiced and copied Ohtomo's spells and studied the tactics he used in the fight with Douman. Natsume saw him like he was possessed and he was taking the studies all in at an exceedingly fast rate for a beginner proving that when he puts all his efforts into actually learning he's actually pretty decent. He actually made such a strong impression on Natsume that she admits she was afraid of him a bit.
  • He almost got run over by a car twelve times.
  • He is called 'Stupidtora' by Hokuto, Natsume, Touji, Suzuka, and Kyouko.
  • His favorite food is udon.
  • He loves animals, especially tigers.