The Haya-Kuji Grid Pattern is one of the two practices of Kuji-Goshinhou. It's a magical pattern on par with the pentagram, created by Douman Ashiya. Using it one can quickly exert their power and will upon the world by raising your forefinger and middle finger high to create the 'blade seal' and slashing it through the air while chanting the kuji-in (nine syllables). Every time the user chants a word/syllable he/she needs draw five horizontal lines going to the left and right and then four vertical lines going up and down, forming a grid pattern. Skilled users can do so almost instantly by dragging their hands across the air in two swift motions, while some may not even need the motions.

Incantation: "Rin! Kyo! Toh! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!"

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