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Hishamaru (飛車丸 Hishamaru?) is one of Yakou Tsuchimikado's familiars during her lifetime. Later, she was sealed along with Yakou's powers within Harutora, and becomes a smaller and weaker servant shikigami of his called Kon (コン Kon?). She is a descendant of Kuzunoha, the mother of Abe no Seimei, and serves Harutora and Yakou faithfully.




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Kon appears as a small child, wearing Heian-era imperial clothing with a hakama on her lower half. Her eyes are blue and she noticeably has two fox ears and a leaf-shaped tail of straight white fur. On her back she carries her blade.


As Hishamaru, she has become very tall in both appearance and mind. She looks like Kon who grew up and matured as a woman. She has romantic feelings for her masters, Yakou and Harutora.


As Kon, she is childish, as befitting her appearance, but becomes one of the most mature women in the series while in her Hishamaru form. Regardless, her loyalty to her master is unparalleled.


Hishamaru is one of Yakou's powerful legendary familiars who were constantly at his side and renowned enough to gain a military rank in the Japanese Army during World War II. She was said to have disappeared shortly after her master's death, but in reality, she kept on waiting for his reincarnation's birth. Kakugyouki considers her more loyal to Yakou than he is.

Powers and Abilities[]




It is known that Hishamaru was a powerful Shikigami that served Yakou faithfully along with Kakugyouki, during the World War II. However, when she forcefully broke her last seal to protect Harutora, she lost her past memories of her master Yakou, and her spiritual power became unstable.


  • Chant of Divine Words


  • Foxfire: As Kon, she can conjure blue flames to use against her enemies, although the strength is dependent on how much energy she has available. When her seals are broken and she has access to greater amounts, she can conjure a massive amount of flames with ease.
  • Levitation: She can float in mid-air.
  • Swordsmanship: She possesses Kachiwari, a wakizashi, that she can use in battle.
  • Stealth: She can dissipate her physical body and meld her presence in with the surrounding aura, allowing her near-perfect stealth in spirit-form. Even a sight-seer can only make her out when she talks, due to the aura fluctuating.
  • Healing: She is capable of healing wounds, as demonstrated by her taking care of Harutora's slashed-out eye.


In her Kon form, she wields a small blade known as Kachiwari.




Harutora Tsuchimikado[]

Kon respects Harutora and treats him like there's no more important man in the world. She blushes heavily whenever he touches her tail or ears and does have romantic feelings for him, she's honored whenever he praises her. She is Harutora's familiar.

Yakou Tsuchimikado[]

Kon and Yakou are servant and master. She has romantic feelings due to how he treated her with kindness in the past.

Natsume Tsuchimikado[]

Kon and Natsume have a rather on and off friendly relationship. Through the anime, Kon is often seen defending Harutora from Natsume's ideals in how he should study. However, at other points in time, they share their jealousy with each other at how Harutora 'flirts' rather blindly with other females, such as Suzuka.