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Hiyakuroubou is a high-level manmade defensive shikigami who used to work as a servant at Seishuku Temple. Although he is a shikigami, it seemed like he has no master and will obey anyone's order.

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Hiyakuroubou was described by Natsume as a huge man. His chest is very thick and his arms were thick and long as tree trunks. He is broad-shouldered and solidly built that it seemed to make his back hunch. Hence, his profile looked more like a gorilla than a human.

He wears a formal monk's robe and a majestic tengu mask tied around his head.

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Not much is known about him, except that he seemed to have existed since Yakou's time.

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He easily percieved Natsume's 'condition' the first time they met and was able to tell that she is a 'dead' person possessed by Hokuto.

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According to Akino, he is a 'very strong' shikigami, although his actual prowess haven't been revealed or shown yet.

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