Yase Doji (八瀬童子 Yase Doji?) or Imperial Pallbearer are Takiko Souma's servant shikigamis.

Overview Edit

The Yase Doji is a name referring to a certain 'group of spirits', as well as a name referring to any member of that group. Also, they were spirits that could only be used by the royal family of the nation. Martyred souls that served that 'bloodline' during their life became guardians and still served that 'bloodline' after death. Only those guardians were Yase Doji.


First FormEdit

Takiko used them against Daizen Amami.

Second FormEdit

The second form are humans reincarnated as Shikigamis.




over-cry ArcEdit

to The DarkSky ArcEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Yase Doji are the people of Yase, part of Kyoto, who traditionally carried the imperial coffin.
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