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Iwao Miyachi (宮地 磐夫 Miyachi Iwao?) is a powerful First-Class Onmyouji and one of the Twelve Divine Generals nicknamed "Fire Demon". He is an Exorcism Officer and Commander of Purification Rites Center. He serves as Genji's confidant and has strong faith in him.





A rather laid-back and calm man, he seems to be rather docile and prefers to resort to peaceful tactics rather than violence. To this end, he changed the self-destruct spell placed on Amami to merely freeze him. However, he acts in accordance to Genji's goals and doesn't waver from that, even if it means making enemies with old allies and friends.


In volume 10 it was revealed that he was born and raised in the Seishuku Temple. Because of this, his allies thought he could become home-sick. He also interacted with the Main Branch of the Tsuchimikado family at some point, being old friends.


Powers and Abilities[]




He is considered to be the most powerful long-range magic user in the series. Daizen Amami explained that Illusion Magic would be ineffective against him - as he would simply burn through all the illusions.


  • Fire Realm Magic: Miyachi is considered one of the strongest of The Twelve Divine Generals due to his complete mastery of Acala's Fire Realm Mantra, one of the highest class of fire magic. It's stated he raised his fire magic up to divine levels, but this has left him extremely limited in what he can do. What he lacks in versatility, he makes up for in raw firepower(Emphasis on the fire part). He could stand his own ground for an amount of time against Ashiya Doman during battle but was commented to be "not as interesting as Shadow(Jin Ohtomo)".
  • Yamantaka Method: He used this against Harutora, Hishamaru and Kakugyouki in order to capture them.


  • He carries with him a number of tokkosho that he fills with magical energy and then uses as ranged weapons.





  • He is the current most powerful long-range magic user in the series.