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Jin Ohtomo (大友 陣 Ohtomo Jin?) was a homeroom teacher in Onmyo Academy. He is also a former member of the Divine Generals, whose power rivals that of Douman



Jin is a tall man with green eyes, long green hair, which later changed to white. He wears glasses and is always seen in a grey suit, with a black necktie and a beige shirt. Also, he lost the lower half of his right leg during a confrontation against Douman Ashiya, and now is replaced with a wooden leg. He also uses a crutch to walk.


Jin is a fairly quirky fellow who tends be more laidback than one would expect from a teacher, to the point where some would accuse him of being irresponsible. Despite that, he's usually good at giving solid advice to students and is a known activist against the school's harsh policies when it comes to education. He cares greatly for his students, going to great lengths and even risking his life to ensure their safety. He also hates working overtime and not getting paid.


Ohtomo was classmates with Zenjirou Kogure and Suzu Saotome in the 36th class of Onmyo Academy. They were known as the Three Crows of the 36th.

He was a former Magic Investigator in Onmyo Agency and a Divine General nicknamed "The Shadow", assigned with missions of an extremely secret nature. Even his identity was kept concealed from anyone other than his few superiors. He lost his leg in a clash with Douman Ashiya and now has a prosthetic leg.

He worked under Daizen Amami to investigate the Twin Horn Syndicate until he resigned and started working as a homeroom teacher of Onmyo Academy to observe and protect Natsume.

After Yakou awakened, he became a fugitive under the alias of "White Yatagarasu", working to undermine the Onmyo Agency.


Powers and Abilities[]


Easily one of the most intelligent characters in the story, he possesses knowledge of magic that predates the Imperial-Style and managed to improve upon the Eight Item Bamboo Basket Curse spell.


Onmyoudou: As one of the former Twelve Divine Generals, he is considered a first-class onmyouji with Common-Style, and he knows of several spells from other styles. He is an expert with charms as well, utilizing them in a charm dance of the Five Elements Mutual Generation, which follows the cycle of creation to bolster the effect. In the magic community, he is considered to be one of the most powerful onmyouji. Some of the spells under his sleeves were rare and not to mention top notch, enough to make Kagami stunned. Coupled with his strategic mind to put them in to a combinative formation, he is considered a very refined and polished onmyouji, as stated by Douman himself. In volume 14 of the light novel, he was seen able to break the Eight Point Barrier with ease.





After besting Douman in combat, he agreed to be his shikigami.

-Swallow Whip (Occasionally used, such as in scouting and classes)