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Kakugyouki (角行鬼 Kakugyōki?) is one of Yakou's powerful legendary shikigami who were constantly at his side and renowned enough to gain military rank in the Japanese Army during World War II. He apparently disappeared shortly after his master's death and thought have died. However he is later shown to be very much alive and is now a wanderer. Kakyugyouki states he has no plans to get involved with the Twin Horn Syndicate and remains neutral in conflict between them and Onmyo Agency.



Kakugyouki has a look of a man with age between 20 and 30. He has a dark skin along with the spiky blondish hair. He is always seen with a gray suit and a black shirt, and he is missing his left arm, just like his nickname suggests, which is "One Armed Ogre (Oni)."

When he releases his power, he grows two meter higher than his original height, his teeth grows, and his hair grows to the point that it looks like a lions mane. He also grows a two horns in top of his head to complete his transformation.


Kakugyouki is a pretty laid back and relaxed person, yet he has a sense of pride regarding himself. He is not very loyal to his master, compared to Hishamaru, yet he pays his respect when Harutora awakens as Yakou. He seems to have a sense of maturity being alive for a long time. He is also kind to strangers that he encounters, like helping Harutora, when he was looking for his friend Touji.



Power and Abilities[]




Along with Hishamaru, Kakugyouki is known as one of the legendary familiar of Yakou that served him, during the second World War.

According to Reiji's familiar Shaver, he could be Ibaraki-dōji, a legendary ogre with great power, and Kakugyouki is missing one arm, just like the description of Ibaraki-dōji. His power is not well known, until the event of Seishuku Temple, where he partly releases his sealed power. He is strong enough to fix the broken spiritual flow with one single punch, and he becomes surrounded by massively dense demonic aura.









  • It was confirmed that he is indeed Ibaraki-dōji from the Japanese legends.
  • He is one of the three strongest spiritual powers in the series.
  • He mentioned Watanabe no Tsuna's name in Volume 7: Chapter 5 and according to legends, his arm was cut off by him.
  • He is the first character to know that Harutora Tsuchimikado is the real reincarnation of Yakou because of Kon's Loyalty to Harutora.