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Ken Kaneki (倉橋 京子 Ken Kaneki?) is the granddaughter of Miyo Kurahashi and heiress to the Kurahashi Clan. She is in the same class as Harutora and had a crush on Natsume, until later learning of the fact that she was female and it was actually Harutora she had made a promise with.



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Kyouko is a girl with long, dark blonde, wavy hair and purple eyes. Her hair is tied up in a bun on her left side of her head to present roses. There are purple pins underneath her bun representing leaves of roses. The rest of her wavy hair comes out from the two buns. She also has two wavy bangs that end up to her chest. Kyouko also has a very curvaceous figure, which Suzuka Dairenji is jealous of.

She is usually seen with her ordinary school outfit which consists orange, white, black, with a turquoise skirt underneath. 


Initially, Kyouko came off as hostile to Harutora Tsuchimikado because Natsume Tsuchimikado, who she was fixated on, held her attention and was noted for having a one-sided rivalry with Natsume. After things improve she becomes more supportive and helpful, but once she learns that Natsume was female she became offended because of how long they lied to her. While things between them improved, to where she admits that Natsume was her best friend, they are separated when she is killed and then brought back to life.


The Kurahashi being a branch family of Tsuchimikado Family in the past, they were invited to the main family estate. Kyouko, a child back then, met a Tsuchimikado boy (Harutora Tsuchimikado) and mistook him for Natsume Tsuchimikado. He promised her that he would find her missing ribbon. Since then she had a liking for the boy she thought to be Natsume and remembered the promise. However, when she enrolled in Onmyo Academy years later, she found that Natsume (real one) did not remember her. This led to her becoming something of a rival to her, until later on. 

After Natsume's sex is revealed, she recalls that Harutora is that same person and reveals this to Natsume. However, she wants to be on equal ground with Natsume and told her to confess to Harutora about being Hokuto's controller. 

After the time skip, she still attends the academy, but she is under careful watch by a shikigami due to aiding in Harutora's efforts at reviving Natsume.

Powers and Abilities[]




Onmyoudou: She's a skilled practitioner, as far as students go. Given her heritage, she tries to live up to those expectations.

Divination: Like her grandmother, she is capable of divination by reading the stars of others. At present she is learning under her grandmother's tutelage.



Da Liu Ren: This is an ancient magical tool used in divination.

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Natsume Tsuchimikado[]

Kyoko is Natsume's classmate. She once had a crush on her, mistaking her as the boy who Kyoko once met in past. After knowing that Natsume is a girl and loves Harutora, Kyoko does her best to help Natsume reveal to Harutora that she is Hokuto.

Harutora Tsuchimikado[]

Harutora and Kyoko's relationship began in the past, prior to the beginning of the series. Harutora was the boy who befriended her, and Kyoko has a crush on him.

Suzuka Dairenji[]

Kyoko dotes on Suzuka as if treating a little sister, much to the latter's annoyance. However, Suzuka gives Kyoko some pep talk after the reveal of Natsume's true gender, convincing her to make up with Natsume.

Tenma Momoe[]


Touji Ato[]

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Miyo Kurahashi[]

Kyoko is more close to her grandmother Miyo than to her father, and has been receiving private tutelage from her following the awakening of her (Kyoko's) divination powers.

Genji Kurahashi[]

Despite being Genji's daughter and heir to the Kurahashi family, Kyoko and her father are estranged due to the latter spending more time at the Onmyo Agency than at home. Their relationship deteriorates even further when Genji places his daughter under virtual house arrest for her role in aiding Harutora's escape, which includes assigning a shikigami to monitor her every move as well as confiscating her cellphone and computer. Kyouko doesn't reveal to him her divination powers, knowing he will only use them for insidious purposes.



  • The name Kyouko means "capital city" (京) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyouko's surname Kurahashi means "warehouse" (倉) (kura) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi).


  • According to the Light Novels, Kyouko is the eldest daughter of the Kurahashi clan.
  • Kyouko's favorite food is Castella [1].


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