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Living Spirit (生成り Kinari?) refers to people possessed by spiritual creatures. This usually occurs during a Phase 3 Spiritual Disaster, although there are other methods. They are valued as shikigami for the powers they gain from their spirits but are designated by society as "freaks" and are often locked away in confinement.

Types and Abilities[]

People can be possessed by animal spirits and demonic spirits, like ogres. They can utilized the powers of the spirit they're possessed by but can lose their human selves if they use too much. In addition, in close proximity to miasma, the spirit can draw strength from it and hasten the transformation.

Those possessed by oni can partially transform into oni to use their power. The ones shown have seals on them to prevent from having their demonic aura take over.

List of Living Spirits[]

Character Type
Touji Ato Oni
Hishamaru Fox
Akino Souma Rabbit
Natsume Tsuchimikado Water dragon (Hokuto)