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The Onmyou Agency (陰陽庁 Onmyōchō?): A large government bureaucracy and backbone of the magic community whose main duty is to handle the very frequent recurring Spiritual Disasters throughout Tokyo while regularizing the nation's Onmyouji and Laws.

It's also responsible for the certification which is mandated through exams. It's current qualification consists National First Class, Second Class and Third Class (Spirit Sensor).

In recent times the Onmyou Agency has now began to expand its jurisdiction into various fields thanks to the successful passing of the new Onmyou Law reform which widened the limits of magic use.

It is now moving to consolidate its power by bringing groups in the magic community that were out of its reach to heed and unifying them under its banner. By subterfuge and force if necessary without much regard for their traditions or opinion.

Its main headquarter is located in Shinjuku and its employees surprisingly consist of many non-onmyouji as well.


Prior to World War II Onmyou Agency once known as Onmyou Bureau which was founded and flourished as far back as the Heian period. When Onmyoudou began to decline naturally so did it organization influence in the affairs of state. Finally, by the time of the Meiji Restoration when Onmyoudou pronounced as a superstition by the imperial government, the Onmyou Bureau was abolished and Onmyouji became marginalized in society. Then suddenly a years later in midst of the Great Pacific War after the appearance of Yakou Tsuchimikado, the Onmyou Bureau was re-established but integrated into the military with a new purpose; producing Onmyouji for war. Yakou was installed as its first head and with the support and aid of Kurahashi and Souma Clans controlled the world of Onmyouji as its King and brought Onmyoudou back from the brink of destruction. Yakou and the Bureau key factors in Japan's later success in the war for a time.

However after the Great Spiritual Disaster which destabilized Tokyo, the military had abandoned the now disgraced and discredited Onmyou Bureau. In order to reinvent and build a new image of itself, the Onmyou Bureau distanced itself from Yakou's Imperial Onmyoudou and any other ties to the army. From then on by the order of government the new christened Onmyou Agency would mainly function in fighting spiritual disasters that continued to plague Tokyo to this day. Furthermore to assuage the fear of onmyoujis using their powers for war again by common people, aside for some exceptions magic would only be limited conflicts with spiritual disasters in accordance to Onmyou Law.

After the events of Yakou's return, the bureau's power base expanded, allowing for them to act more freely.


The agency has many divisions and departments, but most prominent of them of are the Magic Crimes Investigation Department, and Exorcism Bureau.

Magic Crimes Investigation Department[]

The Law enforcement arm of the Onmyo Agency in-charge of dealing with magic related human affairs.

Exorcism Bureau[]

The section in-charge of spiritual disaster countermeasures and the stabilization of aura flow in the Tokyo region.

Intelligence Department[]

Not much is known about this section other than that it works closely with Exorcism Bureau. Tougo Miyoshi is its current head.