Raven's Wing is a magical tool and a shikigami that was created by Yakou Tsuchimikado. It can be used to correctly identify Yakou's real reincarnation. Rumors say that the item in the Onmyou Agency's possession is a replica and the real one resides at the Onmyou Academy. Raven's Wing can also be used by Yakou's reincarnation to regain Yakou's past memories. 


In episode 20 of the anime, the Raven Coat is kept in a bird cage, because it takes on the form of a 3-legged raven shikigami 'Yatagarasu' that can fly to its master side. It also took form of a humanoid bird with giant wings and black and gold full body armor when it possessed Harutora in episode 20.


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  • The Raven's Coat exterior isn't quite the same as a normal coat, it's actually a haori.
  • In Japanese mythology, the Yatagarasu is a legendary bird that symbolises the sun.
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