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Reiji Kagami (鏡 伶路 Kagami Reiji?) is a First-Class onmyouji and also one of the Twelve Divine Generals nicknamed "Ogre Eater". 



A man of about twenty years old, skinny, with an almost sharply angled chin and a head of short hair dyed silver. He had sunglasses with silvered lenses on his face, with several piercings in his ears. He wore a fur-collared jacket, with a sparkling necklace draped over his chest and a belt decorated with silver rivets tied around his waist. Silver chains were hung on his jeans, and his feet were in a pair of bright, polished engineer boots.

The scar on his forehead forms an 'X' and acts as a seal on his power.


Reiji is a violent and arrogant exorcist who revels in battle and looks down on those being weaker than him. That being said, he is experienced in combat and wise to many techniques and practices.


Born and raised in Seishuku Temple, sometime in the past he was under Jin Ohtomo supervision. He enters the story chasing the Nue and antagonizing Harutora and Touji, eventually being the one to cut out one of Harutora's eyes.

After the timeskip, he ends up mentoring Touji in exchange for the location of Jin Ohtomo and, should Touji end up falling completely, taking his ogre for his shikigami. While maintaining his cocky attitude, Reiji seems to be genuine in his attempts to train Touji, partially because his former sensei Jin Ohtomo retired from being a Divine General to teach students and partially because he wanted Touji to become a worthy opponent someday.


change:unchange Arc[]

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After the Raven's Coat incident, the Mystical Investigators were seeking a new members. Reiji, an independent exorcist. naturally felt like it should be him, partially based off of his experience and credentials, but mostly because he wanted to track down Jin and Harutora in order to fight and beat them. Ultimately, the superiors picked Zenjirou Kogure instead of Reiji. Reiji decided to pursue Jin and Harutora unilaterally, but realized that he did not have skills to track down such high-level fugitives and became increasingly frustrated. Surprisingly, five months later, Amami reached out to Reiji. Amami told Reiji what he discovered about Genji and the Twin Horn Syndicate. Reiji largely accepted what Amami had to say but was not interested in pursuing a fight without any proper evidence, although a part of him wondered what it would feel like to fight Genji.

To uphold his end of the bargain: to train Touji, Amami made an arrangement with Reiji. As both Reiji and Amami were trying to track down Jin and Harutora, albeit the former wanted to challenge them, Amami agreed to relay information to Reiji in exchange for training Touji. Amami agreed to Reiji's one amendment: that if Touji lost control of his oni, that it would be Reiji who would consume him and take his oni as his Shikigami.

Powers and Abilities[]


For all his faults, he has earned his position as a Divine General due to his skills, capable of putting up spells without incantations.


Onmyoudou: He's skilled in the use of both Common-Style and Imperial-Style magic, both shown to great effect during his battles.

Living Spirit: His nickname, Ogre Eater, comes from the fact that he uses it as the main source of his powers, harvesting from the ogres he subdues.



Higekiri-This sword serves as his main weapon while containing Shaver as well. It's also capable of slicing through magic and barriers.


His shikigami is Shaver, a metal spirit residing in his sword.




  • His favorite food is Yakiniku.[1]