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Sen is Yakou's old friend who is currently a servant and practitioner in the Seishuku Temple and responsible for doing the monastery's chores.


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He met Yakou Tsuchimikado when he was young, and when Harutora returned to Seishuku Temple, he gave what Harutora was looking for; a tokijiku, a plant that grants the eater immortality. He nurtured it since the time when Yakou was alive. He thinks that, the only thing where he is better than him is in shogi, where he defeated Yakou 100 times.

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He managed to nurture a plant called 'tokijiku' that gives immortality to its eater. Judging from Harutora/Yakou's reaction, it appears to be very difficult to make it bear a fruit.

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Hiyakuroubou: is a high-level manmade shikigami.

It was a huge man.

His chest was very thick and his arms were thick and long like tree trunks. Though he was quite tall, he was so broad-shouldered and solidly built that it seemed to make his back hunch. Hence, his profile looked more like a gorilla than a human.

Though he had that abnormal body, his clothes were more eye-catching. The man wore a formal monk's robe, but there was a headpiece tied around his head, a majestic tengu mask.

—-, Tokyo Ravens Volume 10

Its abilities is currently unknown, and it seems like it has existed since Yakou's time.

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He is the one revealed Akino's family name at the end of volume 10. He is the only one in Seishuku Temple who took care of Akino.

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