Shidou Dairenji (大連寺 至道 Dairenji Shidou?) is the former head of Twin Horn Syndicate and the Imperial Household's Lingering Spirit Division.


He used himself as a core to trigger the spiritual disaster that happened two years prior to the story. In the end, he became an ogre (demon) and progressed into Phase 4-scale Phenomena but later died due to unknown reasons. He is the father of Suzuka Dairenji and Toshiya Dairenji. When he was alive, he was a Divine General nicknamed "The Professor".

He was revived as a familiar of Takiko Souma and is called Yashamaru now.

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He was called Souma Shidou in the past but his last name was changed to Dairenji after he married into a traditional Shinto family. Though he was a Souma, he was only a member of a branch family.

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