Shunsuke Shigeoka is one of the 12 Divine Generals.

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If Shigeoka were to be described in one word, that word would be 'obsessive' and was a bit eccentric, often wearing a gloomy expression.

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The general-purpose shikigami Garuda was the third kind of manmade shikigami that the Onmyou Agency research department invented. Garuda was a special kind, primarily a detection-type but also very similar to a transport-type. It was a shikigami made at Shigeoka Shunsuke's request. The Garuda was carrying dozens of shikigami charms. They were specially-manufactured defensive shikigami that Shigeoka used, 'Modified G1 Emperors' and 'Modified G2 Yaksha'.

—~, Volume 12

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