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The Souma Clan (相馬一族, Souma Ichizoku?) are the descendants of Taira no Masakado. They, along with Kurahashi Clan stood on top of the world of Onmyoudo together with the Tsuchimikado Clan during WWII and supported the Tsuchimikados through their control of military. However when Japan lost the war they had all but disappeared.


The Souma clan is a group of practitioners since the feudal era and had mysterious connections with the old imperial army. The Souma were the ones who had gotten the higher-ups in the military to reconstruct the Onmyou Bureau and recruit Yakou as its highest authority figure.

But after the defeat in the war, the Souma family had been split into several lines. The true princess was Takiko Souma. And speaking of other family lines, there was her shikigami Yashamaru - Shidou Dairenji.

There might also be other family lines. Among them could be family lines that had abandoned magic. Since, it had already been half a century since Japan's defeat.

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  • The Souma Clan is based on the Japanese Clan with the same name.