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A spiritual disaster is a phenomenon that occurs when a being's aura goes out of control and eventually warps to the point where it can no longer be calmed. Once it reaches this point, it must be exorcised. Almost all spiritual disasters occur in Tokyo due to the final ritual performed by Yakou Tsuchimikado.

The methods for purifying spiritual disasters are different for each situation, but the basic order of things are mostly the same. First, a barrier would be set to isolate the spiritual disaster, lowering the damage done to the surroundings. At the same time, the aura's deviation would be analyzed, and the next step would be to add a correction or cast a stronger magical pressure to 'scatter' it completely.

In the event demons are formed, subduing demons often used the magic of esoteric religious systems in General Onmyoudou. This often includes things like the Fire Realm Magic.


  • Chimera: Spiritual disasters made up of a mixture of the five elements.
  • Oni: Strong Yin-Aura demons.
  • Mobile: Mobile Spiritual Disasters are spirits that can move about freely, such as a Ghoul or Nue.

The 5 Phases of Spiritual Disaster Phenomenon[]

  • First - At this phase, it is a degree of aura distortion that cannot naturally recover. It cannot harm physical beings.
  • Second - At this phase, the spiritual disaster will constantly produce a miasma. It can harm physical beings.
  • Third - At this phase, the spiritual disaster will produce demons by materializing though absorbing or possessing an object. Living Spirits are victims of this disaster.
  • Fourth - At this phase, the spiritual disaster will produce multiple demons at once, making it more difficult to deal with.
  • Fifth - A phase that has yet to be reached, it is theorized that the spiritual disaster will be able to produce a god.