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Stealth Magic is First-Class magic that enables its users to move around undetected within the presence of others. It is said that the trick to utilizing it is to erase one's self-consciousness so as to blend into the surroundings and exploit openings in the enemies perceptions. Often the caster may call upon Marici to aid in their stealth beforehand, as well as making a hand seal into a stealth seal.


Being First-Class magic, it is recognized for its usefulness, allowing a practitioner to move around and shadow targets undetected. For Mystical Investigators it is a skill that is invaluable. There are a variety of different stealth techniques, from ones that obscure visions to others that divert attention away from the user, and the effectiveness of the techniques are also dependent on the caster and those around him.

They can also be used to hide objects or charms in preparation for a spell, such as the Eight Item Bamboo Basket Curse.

Only high-leveled shikigami can utilize near-perfect stealth by materializing, such as Kon's ability to meld in with the surrounding aura, and a skilled spirit-seer can peer through most stealth techniques. There are also barriers that can dampen or eliminate stealth magic within it.

Proficient Users[]