Suzu Saotome (早乙女 涼 Saotome Suzu?) is a mysterious eccentric 3rd year student in Onmyo Academy that people often mistake for being younger than she is.

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Seems to be into little girls, such as Kon. Also views being called "little girl" a compliment.


She is actually Douman Ashiya's familiar, even if she refers to herself as his "disciple". Her actual identity is that of infamous Ryou Saotome (pronounced Suzu), the leading Yakou researcher. She once worked for the Imperial Household Agency's Lingering Spirit Division, but left after a year. Along with being a graduate of Onmyo Academy, in her school days she was classmates with Jin Ohtomo and Zenjirou Kogure forming the third member of Three Crows of 36th batch.

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Suzu and Jin were classmates during their school days.

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Suzu and Zenjirou were classmates during their school days.

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  • She likes little girls despite looking like one herself.
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