Suzuka Dairenji (大連寺 鈴鹿 Dairenji Suzuka?) is a main character of Tokyo Ravens series.

She is the youngest of the Twelve Divine Generals. She has passed as the 'First-Class Onmyouji' in National Examination. She is the first to find out Natsume is a girl out of the others. Because of her genius, she is known as 'The Prodigy'. She develops feelings for Harutora later on.

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Suzuka Custom Uniform and Lolita Fashion Design

She has blond hair in curly twin-tails and has blue eyes. She is first seen wearing a black and purple lolita dress however after enrolling into the Onmyo Academy, wears the Academy's jacket over her dress.


A prideful onmyouji, she puts on a mask of being younger and innocent to others who she needs to try and impress, but is rather haughty and somewhat sadistic.


Even before she was born she and her brother were experimented on to produce splendid onmyouji. The experiments ended up with Suzuka being a first class onmyouji but also resulted in her brother's death. Suzuka eventually became one of the Twelve Divine Generals. She researched Yakou Tsuchimikado and his Taizan Fukun Ritual in order to bring her brother back to life. This leads her into conflict with the Magic Investigation Bureau. These chains of events also caused Harutora to become Natsume's shikigami and causing him to enroll into the Omnyo Academy. Most of her magic was temporarily sealed by Onmyo Agency and she later enrolls in the Onmyo Academy as her punishment for the incident in the country side.



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Through her father's treacherous experiments on her, she managed to master up Common-Style onmyoudou, but still faults at some advance Imperial-Style techniques. Overall, she is a powerful onmyouji but is still the weakest among the Twelve Divine Generals.

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Onmyoudou: As one of the Twelve Divine Generals, she is considered a top-class onmyouji. Through her own efforts, she eventually learned the Imperial-Style and other forbidden spells. She also seems to specialize in using Water Charms.

Her spiritual energy is a result of her father's experimentation on her, which is one of the reasons she was able to become a Divine General. She has the majority of her power sealed due to performing the Taizan Fukun and being arrested.

She uses a book as a magical tool whereby the pages will form into shikigami or into a powerful gust of whirlpool which is strong enough to push back a whole floor of Tsuchigumo(Ashiya Doman's version).

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Shikigami Edit

  • M3 Asura (Destroyed)
  • Tsuchigumo (Destroyed)
  • She can also create shikigami out of the pages from a book she carries, shaping them into animals like lions, snakes, eagles, and leopards.


Harutora TsuchimikadoEdit

After their initial encounter she grows to like Harutora, becoming jealous when he loiters around with other girls.

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Kyouko KurahashiEdit

The older girl treats her like a little sister, but she does have some affection for her.

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Toshiya DairenjiEdit

Her kind and ill-fated older brother who she loved dearly, he died prior to the story.

Shidou Dairenji Edit

Her father put her through monstrous experiments, so she holds no affection for him. Instead there is hatred and fear.

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  • Nomenclature
    • Dairenji(大レンジ) means "large range"
    • Suzuka (鈴鹿) means "bell deer"
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Although being a powerful onmyouji, she is regarded as the weakest Divine General as stated by Reiji Kagami.
  • In the novel, it is stated that she also made into a vessel with the capabilities of housing a god by her father. This is in part responsible for why she has so much spiritual power at her age.
  • Her blond hair is not natural, but dyed.