Taizan Fukun Ritual is a spell that can be used to give control over death, belonging to Soul Magic, allowing one to be reincarnated or resurrected. While the spell originated from Abe no Seimei, in the present it is famously associated with Yakou Tsuchimikado and it is said that he used it to reincarnate himself. There seems to be a time limit on how long until it becomes impossible to bring someone back from the dead.

Preparations Edit

In order to succesfully cast the ritual, various offerings needed to be prepared beforehand.

These items are: Silver coins, white silk, a paper horse, a paper soldier, full armor, bow and arrows, a long sword, cloisonné enamel , gold, a koto, a lute. There were also many vessels made from paper that were carefully infused with magical energy by the one managing the platform. There were also ritual tools - a taiko drum, a conch, sleigh bells, a hei, incense, a hand bell, a vodoo doll and charms.


There are numerous variations of the ritual, due to it being part of a larger system.

  • Suzuka Dairenji's version required a life in exchange for resurrecting someone.
  • Takiko Souma's version required that preparations be made beforehand
  • Suzu Saotome's version managed a partial resurrection.

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