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Takiko Souma (相馬 多軌子 Sōma Takiko?) is the last remaining direct member of the main house of the Souma family, who are implied to have royal origins as well as being a shrine maiden. 


A mysterious girl who calls herself a true Yakou devotee. She is actually the last direct descendant of the Souma Clan's main branch who were once one of the 3 most prominent Onmyouji families prior and during WWII. They supported Yakou and the Onmyou Bureau (the Onmyou Agency's former name in that era) in the war through their control of the military, and shared his ideals. After Japan had lost the war, the Souma family had all but completely vanished from the public and the magic community as a whole. Takiko claims she has stepped up to finally realize both her clan's and Yakou's greatest desire. To that end, she had entered into a secret pact with Genji Kurahashi in order to manipulate and purge the other factions of the Twin Horn Syndicate who have strayed from the organization's original purpose.


Takiko's full appearance.

Takiko is a teenage girl of average height and slim build. She is gifted with thin, red eyebrows and long eyelashes surrounding her sharp eyes that encompass green irises. She has a short, curly, red hair, aside from the two sections on both sides that she ties in braids that go past her shoulders. She possesses a small neck, thin lips and thin limbs, as well as ears that are hidden under her red hair. In the anime, she wore eight blue beads on her hair that she used as hair decorations; (In the cover of Volume 7, she was shown to be wearing ten colorful beads that she used as hair decorations.) These hair decorations aren't just normal decorations but also a magical tool called 'Ten Sacred Treasures'.

She is usually seen to be wearing the standard white female uniform of Onmyou Academy, except that the coat that she wore has a longer tailcoat compared to the normal ones; she also wore white shorts instead of a skirt, black stockings, a brown belt tied around her waist and dark blue shoes. She also wears a long, plain violet scarf (In the cover of Volume 7, the scarf that she wore is decorated with black swallowtail butterfly patterns.) and a circle-shaped necklace.



She had heard that ever since birth, Takiko had been worshiped by the adults around her as the Souma princess. But on the other hand, they excluded all but relatives from Takiko's surroundings. Never mind friends of the same age, Takiko didn't even have anyone she knew well. Takiko was raised as the 'Souma Princess' before she was a 'girl'.

Also, though worship and abuse were completely contrasting environments, she was the same as Suzuka in the sense that they were alone. What's more, you could probably say that she had the same environment as Natsume if you interchanged Souma and Tsuchimikado. Since birth, the three of them had borne the karma of 'magic'.

But Suzuka had a brother, Natsume had Harutora, yet Takiko had nobody. She was truly alone.

—Suzuka, Volume 11: Chapter 5


She appears for the first time in the 15th episode, in front of the Heavenly Altar. She affirms she is a student, but Harutora, Natsume and Touji have never seen her or heard her name, although she seems to know them. It is later discovered that she took Atsune Hirata's form and place when she was defeated by Daizen Amami.

Powers and Abilities[]


She was able to put pressure on Natsume who's considered a genius when they were of similar age. She also did a magic battle with a Divine General, Daizen Amami, though she had lost the fight, she was praised by him for her skill and immense spiritual power.


In the light novels, she stated that she had been learning magic alone before she met Harutora and the others. In Tokyo Ravens Volume 12 her spiritual power have gone through an immense change after performing God-summoning magic, although she was unable to summon a God but merely channeled the God's strength through her, resulting in a Stage 4 spiritual disaster. Her shikigamis Kumomaru and Yashamaru also grew stronger as a result of Takiko growing stronger. Takiko have been implied to have shamanic abilities and was called by Suzuka as the 'Souma clan's shaman princess'.




Yase-Doji (Imperial Pallbearer): A type of Ogre shikigami familiars she inherited from her family. She is also shown to have a revived Shidou Dairenji and Chihiro Mutobe as her shikigami.



Light Novel[]




  • Her favourite food is strawberry mochi.
  • She is a 'bokukko', a female character who refers to herself using the masculine Japanese pronoun "boku" that is primarily used by boys and young men.
  • She and Hokuto share the same seiyuu, Hisako Kanemoto.