A technique from Taoism that was integrated into the Imperial-Style, the user brings forth his magical energy while reciting a long and drawn out incantation that directly channels it into the opponent's body with the clap of his hands, bursting within their body to cause what would normally be fatal damage. The cost of this technique is that the user sacrifices a part of themselves to do so.

Incantation: "Antari on, sokumetsu soku, birariya birari, sokume tsumei, zansaki mei, zanki sei, zandai hion, shikan shiki jin, atara un, on ze so, zanzan birarai, aun, zetsu mei, soku zetsu, un, zanzan dari, zan dari han tsu"

Translation (Anime): "O Gods in every direction, I beseech thee. Heed my call as I request your aid, and grant me the power to vanquish my enemy! I offer myself as the price for such power, as my sword enemy stands before me. Rob him of conscious thought, Lights Out!"

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