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Tenma Momoe ( 百枝 天馬 Momoe Tenma?) is a student at the same school where Harutora, Touji, and Natsume attend. They are also his classmates.

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Tenma Male Uniform Design

Tenma has dark blue hair. His bangs are swept more to the left than to the right. He wears glasses over his golden brown eyes.


Tenma has been drawn in various events related to the cult despite his somewhat cowardly and weak nature. He is quite knowledgeable on various info relating to current events of the Onmyoudou world at large and sometimes helps Harutora catch up with his studies by lending him his notebook.

It is noted that because he is so passive and lackluster, he is often beneath the notice of others.


It was later revealed that he is from a prestigious onmyouji family. He is also the successor of the Momoe family and Witchcraft Corporation, his deceased parents' company who currently manufacture man-made shikigami for general purposes and making the use of shikigami accessible to all people.

During the time when Yakou awoke, he was responsible for freeing the Raven Coat so that it returned to Harutora. After these events, he returned to the rebuilt Onmyou Academy to continue his training and improve his skills. He is the one who sends a message to the others that Natsume has returned during the time skip, using his shikigami to display pink ribbons.

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  • Onmyoudou: A user of Common-Style, amongst his peers he is lackluster in ability compared to the prodigies that his friends are, despite having modest talent and being knowledgeable of his field of study. This has led to some self-esteem issues, but he later comes to terms with them.
  • Stealth Magic: He begins to utilize Stealth Magic to a greater effect, partly due to his personality. Over the year-and-a-half between volume 9 and volume 11, he has refined this technique further.

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Hama H1: A mechanical-type shikigami created by Tenma's father - a large vehicular-type called the 'Hama H1'. It was a high-mobility, multipurpose armored vehicle originally meant to be a military vehicle. It weighed three tons and was two meters wide and almost two meters tall. It was close to five meters long.

According to Suzuka, this shikigami is made up of groups of shikigami making up the tires, engine and barrier; and is similar to Yakou's Tsuchigumo but has some revolutionary features.

Simply put, it's like a computer. Hama A is the control system and has a lot of corresponding applications installed on it. Most of the shikigami spells that are just simple manmade types, nothing very unique. But no one's thought of controlling hundreds of manmade shikigami to improve their capabilities. It might be on a level comparable to Imperial Onmyoudou and General Onmyoudou.

—Suzuka, Volume 13: Chapter 1

Described by Jin Ohtomo as "quiet complex", and is composed of a spell that he never seen before.

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He is his friend and fellow classmate.

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He is his friend and fellow classmate.

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  • Nomenclature
    • Momoe (百枝) translates as "hundred branches".
      • The kanji (百) in his name can also be read as "hyaku" which also means "hundred".
      • The kanji (桃) also read as (momo) which translates as "peach" in Japanese.
    • Tenma (天馬) means "heavenly horse". It also translates as "flying horse" or "Pegasus".
  • His favorite food is Karaage.
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