GIRL RETURN -Tiger- ( Tora?) is the 11th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on December 8, 2013

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After learning Natsume's real gender, Suzuka continues to bully both Harutora and Natsume, though chooses not to reveal the secret to everyone. As further torment, Suzuka decides to see Harutora and Natsume's rooms. Natsume becomes very reluctant and defensive. Suzuka notices a barrier placed on Natsume's closet, but Natsume summons Hokuto and ends the situation. The next day, Harutora notices that Kon is still in her physical form and can't transform back. Touji suggests that it was Natsume and Suzuka's fault due to the spells used in the closet incident. Suzuka and Natsume both refuse to ask for the teacher's help. Kon wants to follow Harutora through school, so she disguises herself wearing Harutora's beloved tiger imprinted jacket. She causes trouble in the cafeteria when she is mistaken for a tiger Shikigami. The school issues a tiger warning and calls Onmyo Agency for help. The principal and Zenjirou conclude that someone sent a tiger Shikigami to attack the students. While Suzuka helps Kon escape, Zenjirou attacks them. They manage to escape, but Harutora's jacket is destroyed. Suzuka, Kon and Harutora are scolded by Jin and Kon is able to get rid of her physical form. In the end, Suzuka is seen sleeping with a one eyed Tiger plushie toy.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 4: GIRL RETURN & days in nest I