GIRL RETURN -Love- (恋心 Koigokoro?) is the 12th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on December 25, 2013.

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Harutora's whole class goes on a Shikigami training camp somewhere in the mountains. Suzuka also attends. Touji asks Suzuka for a partnership to defend them against the Yakou devotees who are after Natsume. She complies, leading Natsume to ask Suzuka if she really is the reincarnation of Yakou. Suzuka believes Natsume is but can't be sure. She tells them about the "Raven Coat," a magical tool Yakou used to wear that is the only way to find out if Natsume really is his reincarnation. Jin Ohtomo and the principal overhear their conversation. Jin believes that the real Raven Coat is in Onmyo Academy and the one in Onmyo Agency is just a replica, information he learned from "Ryo Saotome". The next day Harutora is stopped by Kyouko who wants to know if he really likes Suzuka. Out of nowhere, Suzuka steps in and rants on about how Harutora likes Hokuto and not her. Harutora tells Kyouko about how Hokuto was a Shikigami being controlled outside, and Kyouko speculates that Hokuto's controller had to be very powerful to make Hokuto seem like a real person for so long. Later on the bus ride home, Harutora notices the pink ribbon in Natsume's hair and realizes that it's the exact ribbon he won for Hokuto at the fair, making him believe that Hokuto's real controller was Natsume.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 5: days in nest II & GIRL AGAIN
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