Black Shaman ASSAULT -Priest- (法師 Hōshi?) is the 13th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on January 8, 2014.

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The episode starts off with Kakugyouki finding Douman Ashiya to talk about his next move. Douman mentions his familiar. It cuts to Harutora and Natsume thinking about talking to each other about Hokuto. Harutora gets distracted practicing an invisibility spell and gets bound by Swallow Whips while Natsume worries whether Harutora still likes her (Touji assures her he does). Douman makes his move as Atsune Hirata slips a talisman onto Tenma. Tenma thinks about his parents' accomplishments. The Onmyo Agency hold a meeting about Doman's moves as Zenjirou Kogure speculates that Onmyo Academy will be attacked. Harutora and Natsume try to confess, but the mysterious 3rd year (Suzu) interrupts. Jin Ohtomo (their homeroom teacher) is not there to teach. They discuss that during lunch, then see a broadcast about the Onmyo Agency being attacked. Harutora sees Douman on the street below the school as Douman smiles and armored familiars approach.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 6: Black Shaman ASSAULT
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