over-cry -Assault- (強襲 Kyoushū?) is the 18th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on February 12, 2014.

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School classes resume. Suzuka persuades Kyouko to make up with Natsume and Harutora, despite Kyouko's disappointment that they all kept secrets from her. Harutora talks to Kyouko, then realizes that he is the one from her childhood memories. The next day, the Tsuchimikado house is found burned down with Natsume's father nowhere to be found. The events leading up to the fire are revealed: Mari Yuge, on behalf of the Onmyo Agency, had come to take Natsume's father into custody. Later, Jin talks to the newly reincarnated Ashiya Douman, learning that the Twin Horn Syndicate has supporters in the Onmyo Agency.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 8: over-cry
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