over-cry -Princess- ( Hime?) is the 19th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on February 19, 2014.

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Takiko Souma learns of the fire and reveals the truth about it to Natsume, Harutora, and the Touji, she also told them her familial history with Yakou Tsuchimikado. Natsume questions her if she is a Yakou fanatic, she quickly denied it and said that she's different from them. She then challenged Natsume to a magical competition because she believed that magic can communicate beyond words. In the middle of a intense battle, Jin-sensei steps in to break up the fight when he notices Harutora's spirit energy seems unusual. Later, Natsume makes up with Kyouko and they acknowledge that they will be rivals for Harutora's attention. The principal talks to Jin-sensei about him resigning as a teacher and working independently behind-the-scenes again. She offers to protect Natsume in Jin's stead, but is also shocked when Jin reveals the Natsume is actually a girl. Meanwhile, Chief Kurahashi is shown talking to a shikigami who is bound to Takiko Souma. He claims to be Yashamaru, one of the Imperial Pallbearers Takiko can summon. Takiko enters with Mutobe, the other Pallbearer. She questions whether Natsume can become their comrade, and becomes very excited when she is presented with a package presumably containing the Raven Coat. The episode ended with Takiko finding out Natsume's true gender she had heard from Kyouko.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 8: over-cry
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