over-cry -Fireworks- (花火 Hanabi?) is the 20th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on February 26, 2014.

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Natsume reminisces about her childhood, revealing her attempts to be close to Harutora through Hokuto. Later, the group goes to the fireworks festival. While Natsume and Harutora are alone together, she begins to tell him about Hokuto. They're interrupted by Souma Takiko. She explains her family's connection to Yakou and reveals that Harutora is Yakou's true reincarnation. She lets loose the Raven Coat, but instead of settling on him, it begins to possess him. By this time, all the others have arrived to the scene and they follow Harutora in an attempt to stop him. Natsume puts the pieces together and realizes the star spell she placed on him really didn't give him spiritual seeing power, it only undid half the curse sealing his natural abilities. She decides to completely undo the seal so Harutora's spiritual power can settle down. The Raven Coat stops possessing him. In the process however, she is fatally injured, but manages to tell Harutora that she loves him.

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