to The Darksky -Dark night- (闇夜 Yamiyo?) is the 21st episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on March 5, 2014.

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Harutora runs off with Natsume's body, with Touji and Suzuka following. They encounter Yashamaru, Takiko's shikigami. Suzuka recognizes that he is her father, though he had died and was brought back to life. He tries to persuade Harutora to join with the Twin Horn Syndicate, offering the Taizan Fukun Ritual to bring Natsume back to life as a bribe. He departs and the Onmyou Agency catches up, taking Harutora in for questioning. Touji and the others wait at the Onmyo Agency, explaining what happened to the principal. She talks with Zenjiro and they say they'll handle things. Touji and the others decide to sneak back to the Onmyo Agency later to see Harutora and attempt to retrieve Natsume's body in case there's any chance of reviving her. Meanwhile, Jin Ohtomo visits Natsume and apologizes for not being able to save her. He calls Ashiya Douman and asks for his help to attack the Onmyo Agency.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 9: to The DarkSky
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