to The DarkSky -Onmyou- (陰陽 Onmyou?) is the 23rd episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on March 19, 2014.

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A flashback reveals how Tenma single handedly infiltrated the Onmyo Agency and broke the seal on the Raven Coat. He's aided by a spider shikigami, one of the shikigamis his mother developed. Daizen Amami is shown to still be alive, possibly the one controlling the spider. Jin easily defeats Kagami. Touji retrieves Harutora from Chief Kurahashi and Yashamaru. They meet up with Suzuka and Kyouko outside. Tenma appears with the Raven Coat and they all manage to get away from the Onmyo Agency. Tenma relays that Suzu has offered assistance with the Taizan Fukun Ritual if Harutora chooses to do it. He says he will. Zenjirou and Jin appear, after hearing their plan. Zenjiro plans on stopping them from using forbidden magic. Kyouko manages to slip into a star-reading state for the first time and tells them that she still sees Natsume's stars, and that she's waiting for Harutora. Harutora, Suzuka, and Touji escaped to find Natsume.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 9: to The DarkSky
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