to The DarkSky -Calling the Dead (Tama Night Crawling)- (to The DarkSky -魂呼(たまよばい)- tū Za Dākusukai Tamayobai?) is the 24th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on March 26, 2014.

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Yakou's memories of meeting Kon (Hishamaru) are shown. In present time, Harutora continues on by himself to retrieve Natsume's body. Kagami intercepts him, calling out Shaver to fight as well. He stabs Kon and Harutora rushes to protect her. In the process, his eye was sliced and is almost killed. Kon decides to release the seal on her to access her full power. She transforms into a grown version of herself and Kakugyouki appears. They fight off Kagami and Shaver and rescue Harutora, showing their loyalty to him. The three of them went to the place where Natsume's body was kept and meets Takiko and her two shikigamis, Kumomaru and Yashamaru. After a brief exchange, Takiko had let Harutora take Natsume's body. Harutora meets up with Suzu and performed Taizan Fukun Ritual in the Onmyou Academy's rooftop . Elsewhere, Jin has Ashiya Douman become his shikigami. Harutora's friends also wait to hear from him, receiving only a vague phone call from Suzu saying that the ritual "kind of" worked. Harutora is shown with Natsume again, just long enough for her to repeat that she loves him and for him to kiss her. She presumably drifts off, with Harutora promising he'll see her again before departing to the sunrise with the two of his loyal subjects.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 9: to The DarkSky
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