RAVEN's NEST -School- (学舎 Manabiya?) is the 4th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on October 30, 2013.

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Harutora and Touji arrive at the Onmyo Academy. The two are greeted by the man-made Shikigami who guards the entrance, Alpha and Omega. Shortly after that the two meet the principal of the academy, Miyo Kurahashi. The three of them discuss about Natsume and Yakou Tsuchimikado. Harutora and Touji meets their homeroom teacher, Jin Ohtomo. While the two introduce themselves, their new classmates are surprised since the two of them transferred half a year later when the new term started. Kyouko Kurahashi, granddaughter of the principal, annoyed by this fact has a brief argument with Natsume. After that Harutora is surprised when Natsume and Touji are acting familiar towards each other as he thinks that they just met yesterday. Harutora and Touji befriends their new classmate Tenma Momoe. He gives a brief info about Kyouko and the current Kurahashi clan. At the end of the day Harutora finally meets his Shikigami, Kon. Due to a misunderstanding Natsume caught Harutora with a naked Kon thus causing her to punish him. The next day, Harutora was not paying attention in the class. Kyouko suggests that the class should abandon those who can't keep up with their studies. Ohtomo, on the other hand, tells them that he would still help the students despite the strict Academy rules. This irritates Kyouko and at the same time Kon shows up having her sword pointed towards Kyouko for badmouthing Harutora. Annoyed because of Harutora, Kyouko summons her Shikigami called Hakuou and Kokfuu. Seeing this, Jin Ohtomo suggests them to have a duel with their Shikigami. Harutora tells his plan to Kon and the two prepares to face Kyouko's shikigami.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 2: RAVEN's NEST
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