cHImAirA DanCE -Half-Ogre- (生成 Namanari?) is the 8th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on November 27, 2013.

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In a flashback, Touji remembers his past during the time he was receiving treatment from Harutora's father. It is revealed that two years ago Touji was possessed by the same Ogre who caused the Spiritual Disaster. Touji is later admitted to the hospital, but after regaining consciousness he disappears. Zenjirou Kogure and his Shikigami pair of Karasu-Tengu arrive at the scene of the growing Spiritual Disaster. He and Reiji suspect the Twin Horn Syndicate of causing the event. The two of them leave the scene to go after the Nue. Natsume agrees to aid the Onmyo Agency by using her dragon, Hokuto, to help fight the Spiritual Disaster. Tenma, Kon, and Harutora search for Touji, while Natsume and Kyouko meet Zenjirou. Later, Harutora runs into some strangers but Kakugyouki arrives and tells them to stop making a scene. Before disappearing, Kakugyouki tells Harutora about Touji's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Reiji Kagami and Iwao Miyachi tries to take down the Chimera 01. While fighting, Harutora explains that Touji can't kill him because Touji loves his friends. While Mari Yuge is making a special barrier to contain Chimera 01, Hokuto lures the Nue towards the barrier. Later, Chihiro Mutobe casts a spell which causes Chimaira 01 to progress into Phase-4 Phenomena.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 3: cHImAirA DanCE
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