cHImAirA DanCE -Purification- (修祓 Shubatsu?) is the 9th episode of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The episode premiered on December 4, 2013.

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After witnessing Chimera 01 progress to Phase-4 Phenomena the Nue starts to run away. Natsume and Zenjirou pursue the Nue. Back in the hospital, Touji wakes up and finds that Miyo has loosened his Ogre seal. She tells him to control the Ogre power instead of merely driving it away. Elsewhere, Reiji Kagami, Iwao Miyachi and other Onmyouji exorcists are purifying the Chimera 01. Zenjirou and Natsume are stopped by Chihiro Mutobe in their chase. Zenjirou faces Chihiro while Natsume and Harutora continued chasing after the Nue. Meanwhile, Tenma comforts Touji and tells him he still considers Touji a friend. Touji decides to help Harutora against the Nue and later arrives at the scene. After an intense battle, they are successful in purifying it. Reiji Kagami comments how their actions will cause Natsume to be famous among the Yakou followers and will re-energize them. He meets Ohtomo, who warns him to stay away from his students. Zenjirou also arrives and tells them he failed to take Chihiro Mutobe into custody, since he had placed a suicide spell on himself and died. Shortly after that, everyone feels the powerful presence of Ashiya Douman who was planning to retrieve the Nue for himself but failed. In the end, Atsune Hirata is seen performing the Taizan Fukun Ritual thanking Chihiro Mutobe for his work.

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  • Tokyo Ravens Volume 3: cHImAirA DanCE
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