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The eleventh volume of Tokyo Ravens, change:unchange is the 2nd volume covering the second part of the story. It was published on April 19, 2014.

Publisher's Summary[]

Tokyo, the darkness wriggles in the magic world, and the "stars" starts to gather once again in the newest publication!

I want to meet Harutora once again. Holding dear that thought, Natsume returned to Tokyo. There she learns, about the secret of her birth, and the status quo of her friends. On the other hand, Takiko and the others are moving forwards exactly as she planned, for granting the wish she cherish for long――


Chapter 1: Past and Present[]

Chapter 2: Everyday and Future[]

Chapter 3: Time to Hunt[]

Chapter 4: Those Who Sharpen Fangs[]

Chapter 5: Blue and Pink[]


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