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GIRL RETURN & days in nest Ⅰ is the fourth volume of Tokyo Ravens light novel series, published on May 20, 2011.

Publisher's Summary[]

I'll become your shikigami――The Yin×Yang fantasy that overcomes time!

It has been half a year, to fulfill his promise with his childhood friend―Natsume, Harutora and his friend Touji moves into Onmyou Academy. He has been used to live in the dorm, and now in the school, surrounding Harutora is a bizarre event begins frequently!


Chapter 1: Star Raid[]

Chapter 2: The Rumored Pair[]

Chapter 3: And Then The Girl―[]

Short Chapter: Chicks In The Nest Prologue[]

Story 1: Frog Day[]

Story 2: The Men's Capriccio[]

Story 3: Escape From Dougenzaka[]

Story 4: Bloody Holiday[]


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