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days in nest Ⅱ & GIRL AGAIN is the fifth light novel volume of Tokyo Ravens, published on July 20, 2011.

Publisher's Summary[]

Comic Volume 2's release has been decided! The popular school Yin×Yang fantasy!!

Harutora and others are going to the training camp near a lakeside. Going afar, Suzuka gives a speechless feeling because it's a sleepover! surprised Harutora and Natsume. And, there's no store going to give a sale!? The school Yin×Yang fantasy continues!


Chapter 1: Girls in the Nest[]

Story 1: The Snowscape of the Pair[]

Story 2: Winter Day's Dinner[]

Story 3: The Tail of Duty[]

Story 4: Cold Memory In Dark[]

Chapter 2: Practical Skills Training Camp[]

Chapter 3: Six People's Conference[]

Chapter 4: The Girl's Determination[]


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