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Black Shaman ASSAULT is the sixth volume of Tokyo Ravens light novel series. The novel was first published on October 20, 2011

Publisher's Summary[]

"I will become your Shikigami" The Yin×Yang fantasy that overcomes time!

"Hokuto's real identity is Natsume?" doubt Harutora. That moment of dark, Natsume and Harutora aren't in awkward atmosphere. On the other hand, the wane of the academy's headmistress' powers linked with the "D"s arising moves. The heavier situation in Onmyou Agency, they prepare for the battle coming, yet!?


Chapter 1: Under The Rainy Season's Overcast Sky[]

Chapter 2: Letter of Challenge[]

Chapter 3: Onmyouji, Visiting[]

Chapter 4: Breaking Through the Enemy Line[]

Chapter 5: Competition of Magic[]


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