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over-cry is the eighth volume of Tokyo Ravens light novel series. It was published on October 20, 2012.

Publisher's Summary[]

"Harutora-kun…… I am, about you……" Absolutely anticipated newest publication!!

Natsume's identity has been opened up. Kyouko continues on straying from Natsume and others. Later, thereafter a battle with Shaver, Harutora's held with the awakening powers, and Kon couldn't hide the color of her worry. In such an occasion, a case about Tsuchimikado's clan head being attacked occurs――!…


Chapter 1: Entanglement[]

Chapter 2: The Waking Darkness[]

Chapter 3: Natsume and Kyouko[]

Chapter 4: Revelation[]

Chapter 5: The Tsuchimikado Girl[]


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